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Designed curtain   デザイン幕 


ABOUT Scenic design

 Shimizu Octo Co., Ltd. operates many events behind the scenes of entertainment and event management. We also make highly original decoration products that other companies do not have, and we also operate them on a daily basis so that they can be used for various events by renting them.
 Among the many rental products, we categorize diverse stage decorations as scenic designs and provide them to people involved in the entertainment business, and have received high praise from stage directors and stage art designers.

​ オリジナリティはもちろん、誰にでも組める設置の簡単さ、運搬費の軽減を助けるコンパクトさ、レンタルとして繰り返し使えるサステナブル性を兼ね備えた機能性のある空間装飾製品として開発を行い、昨今のイベントに伴う様々な問題を、製品をご提案することで解決していきたいと考えております。

In addition to originality, we have developed it as a functional product that combines ease of installation that anyone can assemble, compactness that helps reduce transportation costs, and sustainability that can be used repeatedly as a rental, and various problems associated with recent events have been solved. , We would like to solve it by proposing products.
 舞台美術や会場設営、警備、運営、施設管理業務など裏方のプロフェッショナルがひとつのチームとなってイベントの感動を「クリエイトし、カタチにする」会社、それが私たちシミズオクトです。「裏方」としてのスペシャリスト集団として、昭和7 年(1932年)の創業以来90 年、コンサート、展示会、博覧会、野球・サッカーの公式試合やその他スポーツの国際大会等、様々なイベントの快適性や安全性をサポートしてきました。これからもシミズオクトは感動を創る「場」を支え続けます。
 We, Shimizu Octo, are a company that "creates and shapes" the excitement of an event as a team of professionals behind the scenes such as stage art, venue setup, security, operation, and facility management. As a group of specialists as "behind the scenes", 90 years since its establishment in 1932, the comfort of various events such as concerts, exhibitions, expositions, official baseball / soccer games and other international sports competitions. And have supported safety. Shimizu Octo will continue to support the "place" that creates excitement.
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